• Hercules Katrakazas has been a manager in the food & beverage industry since 1995.


  • During the course of his career he has gained experience in General Administration, which included: Accounts; banking; daily cash- ups and buying. Hewas also responsible for: Human Resources; Recruiting and Training new employees into the company; and Public Relations. Quality control and day-day operations also formed part of his responsibilities.


  • HAK PEST CONTROL is owned and managed by Hercules Katrakazas.
  • HAK Pest Control was also registered with the Pest Control Service Industries Board and obtained a C-registration:
  • HAK Pest Control is an accredited service provider with the department of agriculture.
  • HAK Pest Control is affiliated to the South African Pest Control Association
  • HAK Pest Control is registered with the National Pest Management Academy of America.